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Journeying On With BNV Fashion NFTs - The Next Steps
Brand New Vision positions its fashion NFT collections to benefit both collectors and fans. Here are tips for newcomers in this space.
By BNV Team
Mishka NFTs - Pleasure & Pain Spiked Keep Watch Fitted | Hate The Rich Spiked Keep Watch Fitted
Mishka NFT Airdrop a Resounding Success - Keep Watch For The Next Phase
Mishka and Brand New Vision have released a set of finely crafted Keep Watch NFTs to an enthusiastic, empowered NFT community ready to champion the brand's legacy in the metaverse.
By BNV Team
Avatar Model - Helsinki Fashion Week
Designing For The Metaverse Gets Easier With Digital Fashion 101 by TDFG Academy
Fashion designers entering the realm of virtually wearable garments not only face incredible opportunities, and also incredible challenges when designing for the metaverse. That's where The Digital Fashion Group Academy comes in.
By Mukeh Kanagbo
pringles NFT
Virtual Insanity: Unique NFTs You May Have Missed
From memes and sports to fashion and porn, NFTs are quickly and surely entering every single industry out there. But what’s next?
By Agency Eleven Studio
Top 5 NFT MMO Games in 2021
Here is a list of some of our staff’s favourite massively multiplayer online games to look out for in 2021 via
Ralph Lauren in Zepeto
Ralph Lauren Heads Into The Metaverse
Ralph Lauren, who has never before sold digital clothing, is one of the latest brands to adapt to the digital world with Korean 3D avatar platform Zepeto on Wednesday.
CryptoPunk #7610
Visa Further Empowers NFT Communities With $150,000 CryptoPunk Buy
NFT communities are among the most interesting ways to dive into the NFT world, and Visa just showed big companies what investing into communities on the blockchain looks like.
By Mukeh Kanagbo
Designers at Web3 Fashion Week
Web3 Fashion Week Kickstarts With Designers You’ve Likely Never Heard Of
DIGITALAX And The Global Designer Network partner for a 5 day fashion week with a slew of workshops, auctions and campaigns.
By BNV Team
BNV Partners with The Digital Fashion Group Academy
The Digital Fashion Group Academy and BNV partner up, strengthening the mission to take digital fashion into the exciting realms of the metaverse with education.
By BNV Team
Vogue Singapore to Release “Mystery Boxes” NFT Collection
Fashion magazine Vogue is officially stepping into the world of NFTs by releasing an NFT series named “mystery boxes”. The series will launch on the Binance NFT marketplace and will be featured in the September issue of Vogue magazine Singapore.
How Fashion Brands Are Adapting to Cryptocurrency
The digital era is upon us and now consumers are moving away from traditional cash and looking at new alternatives including cryptocurrency, fashion retailers in particular have been adapting, and adapting well.
Browzwear in action
Browzwear Raises $35 million To Accelerate Product Development And Market Expansion
Browzwear, one of BNV's earliest engagements, continues to expand its vision.
By Richard Hobbs