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Fun, Fair, and Full: Imagining a Fashion Revolution Powered by WEB3
If WEB3 and the Metaverse were simply additional marketing avenues, requiring brands to load up more deadlines and deliverables onto already over-extended schedules, then resistance would be a natural (and right) response.
By Wes Chmielinski
Dolce & Gabbana Decentraland Catwalk - Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week 2022
Wear To Earn In The Metaverse - Fashion Parties Will Never Be The Same
The dynamics we go through in real life social experiences like parties are hard to replicate digitally, but wear-to-earn just might be the missing element that brings in the incentive, serendipity, and mass appeal.
By BNV Team
Monica Olteanu - Ready Player Me Avatar
What They SHOULD Be Teaching In Fashion - Monica's Interview After Digital 101 Course
Recent graduate and BNV x The Digital Fashion Group Academy scholarship recipient, Monica Olteanu, shares about the digital fashion school, and inspired thoughts on what traditional fashion education often lacks.
By Monica Olteanu
A Break from Gravity Drop - AVAVAV - Extended Puffer, Jeans, Reglan, Renaissance, and Finger Feet shoes Digital Fashion NFTS
AVAVAV Launches Fantasy NFT Outfits That Ignore Gravity and Twist Convention
AVAVAV and BNV have collaborated on a rule-defying collection, premiering during Decentraland Fashion Week, and drive to challenge social expectations of what is normal.
By BNV Team
Fuck Your Wars Boodie
FUCK YOUR WARS Boodie NFT For Ukraine Goes Live
BNV collaborates with Phoenix Rising and artist Jamie Reid, legendary designer of the Sex Pistols album covers, in a charity NFT drop with all proceeds going to Legacy Of War Foundation.
By BNV Team
Black and Gold Mishka Decentraland Wearables
Win Hats, MANA and More As BNV Enters Decentraland This March
BNV are dropping Mishka Hats, preparing for Metaverse Fashion Week and giving out free MANA as prizes in a month of fantastic metaverse fashion madness.
By BNV Team
The On|Off Jack Irving Fashion Week Show Stuns and Heads Into The Metaverse
The fashion show in London making all the headlines during the weekend sets the tone for what's to come in the metaverse as Jack launches new NFTs with Brand New Vision.
By BNV Team
Visor Outfit - Quixotic Collection NFT | Jack Irving
Jack Irving's Deep Metaverse NFT Drop Launches During London Fashion Week
The second phase of Jack Irving's Quixotic NFT collection, inspired by deep sea life, launches on Brand New Vision's platform as the metaverse extension of the real world London Fashion Week.
By BNV Team
Metaverse Fashion by Brand New Vision
BNV Raises US$4M in Series A Funding Round
Led by Animoca Brands, Brand New Vision raises US $4M to take Fashion into the Metaverse.
By BNV Team
Ozzy wearing (di)vision
(Di)vision launches Clone Collection Fashion NFTs with BNV
(di)vision, in association with adidas, launches its first metaverse-ready NFT outfit with Ozzy from the Clone Collection on BNV while headlining at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022.
By Mukeh Kanagbo
Ozzy NFT Drop | Clone Collection | (di)vision
Multiple NFT Drops Launch On BNV During International Fashion Weeks
BNV premieres a slew of digital fashion NFT drops in sync with real-world fashion weeks happening this February, and launching NFT collections with partner brands that come with future wearability in the metaverse.
By BNV Team
Blunt Dress in real life on Rihanna and as AR filter
How to Join BNV's Snap&Tweet Fashion Competition With AR
Jawara Alleyne's Blunt Dress was first seen on Rihanna in Dazed Magazine's 30th anniversary issue, then became an NFT in a BNV collab, and is now positioned as an AR filter bringing together a fashion metaverse event.
By BNV Team