How to Join BNV's Snap&Tweet Fashion Competition With AR
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How to Join BNV's Snap&Tweet Fashion Competition With AR

Jawara Alleyne's Blunt Dress was first seen on Rihanna in Dazed Magazine's 30th anniversary issue, then became an NFT in a BNV collab, and is now positioned as an AR filter bringing together a fashion metaverse event.

BNV Team
Blunt Dress in real life on Rihanna and as AR filter
Blunt Dress in real life on Rihanna and as AR filter

Get your look noticed at a Fashion Metaverse Event

And win some cash!

The whole world is going to be spending a lot more time in the metaverse. BNV's fashion metaverse appears when a network of explorers bring their ledger of connections and aesthetic (fashion NFTs and activity), and converge for metaverse fashion experiences.

Step into a fashion metaverse event on December 16, 2021 with an AMA with Jawara Alleyne (Instagram, Twitter), the designer behind the Blunt Dress. Add the date to your calendar. To make it even more interactive, we would like to give a shoutout to special attendees that also use our Blunt Dress AR filter, and give free eth to the best posts. We challenge you to record yourself and/or your friends in the dress and post on instagram or twitter (with us tagged of course).

Do your best to recreate the look from Dazed magazine’s 30th anniversary cover featuring Rihanna in the Blunt Dress.

Rihanna in Blunt Dress
Rihanna in Blunt Dress, Credit: Dazed

Here's a few helpful tips:

Step 1 (The filter)

  • Download and the snapchat app (iOS, Android) and use it to scan the QR code (direct link to filter here), which gives you access to the Blunt Dress lens/filter. The filter works best when you have someone take a snap of you at least 3 meters away - just like a studio shoot, but without the expensive cameras.
  • Before you snap, consider that setting - props (like the bag) you are holding, makeup, hair style and anything else you think would help you get a better, or more interesting shot. Feel free to wow us with your creativity.
  • Save the image to your camera roll.

Snapchat QR Code to Blunt Dress Lens
Snapchat AR code to Snapchat Lens

Step 2 (We actually have categories you can choose):

Consider which category you'll like to enter. We will have a prize for "Best Untouched Snap", and two prizes for "Best Retouched Snap":

  1. Best Untouched Snap - One Winner. Prize goes to the best composed photo with NO filter or photoshop etc. enhancements applied. Use this hashtag: #untouchedsnap
  2. Best Retouched Snap - Two Winners. Prize goes to the best composed photo enhanced with photoshop retouching, filters etc. to achieve a high end look. Use: #retouchedsnap

Yes, that means if you're up for it, we actually encourage you to showcase your skills with Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. and achieve a high end look. BNV reserves the right to limit or expand the number of prizes depending on the quality and quantity of entries.

Step 3 (Tag and Follow us)

You knew this was coming. Make sure to include the following in your AR snap statement/masterpiece before posting on Twitter or Instagram:

Twitter: @bnv_me


You can also tag the designer in your post!

Instagram & Twitter: @jawaraalleyne

And finally, follow/join BNV on at least 2 of the follwing:

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Discord

Submissions Deadline: DECEMBER 14, 2021


  1. 3 free 0.1eth winners (approx $440 USD for each winner).
  2. Entries that get a shoutout during AMA with Jawara Alleyne will get featured in all our social media for the rest of the fashion metaverse to see.
  3. Potential NFT giveaway during AMA.

More brands and respected designers are choosing to joining our community. You are more than welcome here, and have so much in store!

Jawara Alleyne
Jawara Alleyne, designer of the Blunt Dress

Winner Announcement

As mentioned earlier, we will be hosting a twitter spaces live AMA on December 16th with Jawara. This is open for everyone. You'll get the chance to listen to the designer speak about his work and creating fashion for the metaverse. And as mentioned, there will be a chance during the AMA to participate with a tweet we will post during the AMA.

We are fortunate to have Enara Nazarova, a digital fashion pioneer and powerful voice on the metaverse (you should really follow her) as host for the upcoming AMA. More on this later!

See You In The Fashion Metaverse