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Megan Thee Stallion To Create the Ultimate Metaverse Concert Experience
Megan Thee Stallion is one of the worlds biggest pop superstars, so it’s only right for her to take her talents to the next level by teaming up with AmazeVR to create a one of a kind virtual reality theatrical experience
Audi, The First Automobile Manufacturer To Drop a NFT Collection
German luxury automobile manufacturer Audi is looking to release an exclusive NFT collection on their very own platform.
Customize Your Avatar With Latest Fashion Apparels on Ready Player Me
The Ready Player Me platform has launched even more customization options with unique virtual sneakers and more with metaverse brand RTFKT.
Spiderman NFT in classic pose
Marvel Chooses Spiderman For It's first NFT Drop
This is Marvel's opening act in the NFT space, and the individual NFTs range in rarity from "common" to "secret rare".
The digital mindset for the future designer - Join us for this exclusive Digital Fashion Group Academy webinar in collaboration with Parsons N Ventures on Friday August 13 at 9AM NY/2PM London.
Burberry launches First NFT Gaming Collaboration with Mythical Games
Burberry has launched its first non-fungible token (NFT) in partnership with Mythical Games and their flagship game Blankos Block Party to become the first luxury brand to do so.
Why Everyone That Loves Fashion Will Have A Crypto Wallet Soon
Fashion innovators, brands and artists are creating marketplaces and NFTs for you personalise your virtual experiences, and the winning platforms will be decentralised.
By Mukeh Kanagbo
Common Legal Issues Surrounding NFTs
Learn some of the more common legal issues that NFT minters, sellers and buyers should keep in mind when dealing with NFTs, as identified by Boodle Hatfield LLP.
By BNV Team
Louis Vuitton To Launch Mobile NFT Game
Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton will launch a game app, “Louis: The Game”, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of founder Louis Vuitton.
Are Major Fashion Players Finally Joining the NFT Game?
Being fashionably late. It’s a term that describes the nonchalance and confidence of coming late to a fashion party or show, yet it could also be considered the perfect analogy for the way the high fashion industry embraces technology.
By Agency Eleven Studio
How Much Profit Are The Top Ethereum NFT Whales Earning?
NFT collectible tokens are now worth an estimated $2.5 billion in total trading volume for the first half of 2021. Learn who the "NFT whales" are here.
The Story So Far
Brand New Vision's founder, Richard Hobbs, shares the brand story and vision of the blockchain enabled fashion platform that aims to be "where fashion goes digital".
By Richard Hobbs