Jack Irving's Deep Metaverse NFT Drop Launches During London Fashion Week
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Jack Irving's Deep Metaverse NFT Drop Launches During London Fashion Week

The second phase of Jack Irving's Quixotic NFT collection, inspired by deep sea life, launches on Brand New Vision's platform as the metaverse extension of the real world London Fashion Week.

BNV Team
Feather Duster - Quixotic Collection NFT | Jack Irving
Feather Duster - Quixotic Collection NFT | Jack Irving

Jack Irving just launched his second NFT drop, dubbed the "Deep Metaverse Drop" with BNV featuring a three piece metaverse extension to his show at London Fashion Week, partnering with On|Off.

The real life show will "highlight Irving’s art both digitally, via the metaverse and physically at the Grosvenor House Hotel Ballroom. The concept will also highlight Irving’s latest foray into the NFT-world, proving creativity and imagination can coexist and mixed reality is paving the way to big business."

The Expanded Quixotic Collection

The Deep Metaverse drop highlights his obsession around the concept of alien life, which led him to the nearest thing to a parallel universe we actually have access to - the deep sea, and ultimately to a fantastical masterpiece collection that magically transforms the wearer into a futuristic creature of the deep. There will be only 25 pieces available for each style, namely the Feather Duster, the Spiral Dress and the Visor Outfit NFTs.

By designing for the metaverse, it becomes possible to style digital forms that mimic the ethereal movements of the creatures that emerge from the deep sea - their movements as if caught in a current, their behaviour, and more. Bioluminescence, imagined worlds, and any number of characteristics from the deep sea may work their way into future wearability experiences in the metaverse for NFT owners. There is also work being done for a special metaverse showcase later this year.

This drop extends his currently sold out NFT offering featured in the Quixotic Collection on BNV. Jack had launched the Prismatic Dress NFT, which had previously been a real life outfit worn by Paris Hilton, the "queen of NFTs", and had then gone on to be worn in the metaverse on rising virtual influencer Maie in her debut music video "Like You". This music video was released by Club Media's music label Avastar, and made available on several entertainment platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.


- Jack Irving

Sales for the Deep Metaverse drop will be open only for people that register to be part of a whitelist sale on the BNV platform at a discounted price before a deadline, before opening to the public (read drop release details carefully if you sign up).

With the phase 2 expansion of the Quixotic collection, Jack becomes one of leading designers in the metaverse. Everyone will be able to start signing up on this campaign page starting Feb 18, 2022. Get ready to ensnare passers-by with stunning other-worldly beauty!