The Visionaries are Brand New Vision’s premium membership tokens that allow exclusive access to the BNV fashion ecosystem.
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Meet The Visionaries

The Visionaries are Brand New Vision’s premium membership tokens that allow exclusive access to the BNV fashion ecosystem.

Mukeh Kanagbo

The Visionaries are Brand New Vision’s premium membership tokens that allow exclusive access to the BNV fashion ecosystem. These virtual accessories, crafted in collaboration with the BNV team, vividly depict the stories of diverse communities. They can be worn in both physical and digital settings, including augmented reality, on avatar, and at selected events.

Who Are The Visionaries?

These wearables are co-created in collaboration with web3 communities and fashion leaders pioneering the future vision of digital identity. Each style is a limited release, and allows the owner access to the BNV fashion ecosystem, partner experiences, discounts to future fashion drops, and more.

We have partnered with some of the most innovative token art communities with very active followings, and fashion communities from all flavors of high street, streetwear and more that are making headways in the world of fashion.

The current list of Visionaries we have crafted and launched include:

  • Fear City (with Steven Bliss, former lead artist at Rockstar Games)
  • Highstreet (Gaming & Wearables Virtual World)
  • Teens on Acid (multi-chain token art community)
  • NFT Factory (New Media Web3 gallery in Paris)
  • Metakey (Specialty multi-platform token access provider)
  • WildernessP2E (open metaverse game platform)
  • Mishka (Brooklyn-based Streetwear Brand)
  • Liberty G2 (Animoca Brands partnership)
  • Nova Visao G2 (Web3 event partnership)
  • Isakin (Paris-Based streetwear Brand)

Web3 Culture Meets Iconic Fashion

We currently have two types of Visionaries - the G2 and the V. Each are a type of membership token aimed at different audiences in order to onboard a rich variety of visionary minds and style-conscious creatives into the BNV Fashion Ecosystem.

The G2

The G2s are our gamer and web3-friendly membership tokens. Owning one gives you “token-gated” access to a variety of gaming, media and entertainment experiences. They will also be one of the most exciting and rewarding pieces to style your avatar with and give you premium member access as you re-create your digital self.

All our G2s sport similar features - it is a headset design that covers most of the wearer’s head and face with a clearly visible partner logo.

They all feature an aesthetic with digital materials, symbols and styles that fuse select features from the web3 community or fashion collaborator. The G2s also feature an embedded “power source” - a captured manifestation of a core element of the partner’s world, such as Fear City’s “Salem Witch Heart” from their comic book world, Highstreet’s original FOMO Duck, Mishka’s infamous eyeball, etc.

The V

The Vs represent a major move by traditional fashion brands as they expand into web3 digital fashion. The perks of owning a V are similar to the G2s, but leverage augmented reality enabling a new kind of interaction between a brand and their community.

The Vs will represent your right to fashion-event ticketing access, back-stage access, meet-and-greet possibilities, retail and other perpetual features and rewards. Similar to the G2s, it will also come with unique styling features and options when you opt in to re-create your digital self as a fashion icon on our soon-to-launch styling platform.

Unlike the G2s, there is no core design that Vs adhere to. Each V will be a completely unique head accessory or wearable, such as the Isakin Vs we launched in June, 2023. Besides video, they will all come in experiential formats like AR filters, and more is being developed to make these fun to use in the upcoming world of spatial computing.

The Family of Vs - Visionaries

In fact, all our member tokens will never be merely videos or images on your digital device. They will all be interactive in-world, possibly come with augmented experiences and connect to an integrated rewards and identity creation framework.

Activate Your Visionary

We have tightly integrated each visionary with our flagship product - the ME:ID avatar builder and identity crafter. If you already own a visionary, head over to the ME:ID avatar creator and discover how you can use it to craft your digital identity (launching soon).

Everyone that collects a Visionary automatically claims the status as one of the first visionaries in the new era of digital fashion.

You can find the most updated list of Visionaries at Claim your V/G by following and interacting with us on Instagram and Twitter. For brands and communities ready to activate their own experience in digital fashion, contact us at