Snap back to (phygital) reality – The importance of IRL for Web3 communities
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Snap back to (phygital) reality – The importance of IRL for Web3 communities

On Wednesday July 20th, in line with the Metaverse Summit and EthCC Conference taking place in Paris, France, Brand New Vision (BNV) hosted a party — yes, in the physical world.

Nathan Minsberg
BNV Showreel July 2022

The party was a chance to showcase the gorgeous wearables collections created over the past year with various fashion designer-brands like Ahluwalia, AVAVAV, Jack Irving, Mishka, Phoenix Rising, Francis de Lara and more…

Attendees were treated to a sneak-peek preview of BNV World, our soon to launch Fashion-Metaverse —a social hub for all things fashion-culture, from private showrooms, virtual catwalks, phygital experiences and wear to earn opportunities.

Celebrating Fashion in the Metaverse

There’s no doubt that it has been a while since we’ve met our eclectic community of Digital-Fashion enthusiasts, a unique mix of Web3 and traditional fashion professionals.

What better place to celebrate the impact of fashion in the metaverse, than the capital of fashion and one of the key hubs for blockchain industries. Paris has come out over the past few years as a leader in all things future-tech, especially when discussing the creativity spilling over into Web3.

CloneX at BNV Paris Party

Now what exactly is a phygital event? 

In today’s world it is mostly a mix between tangible physicality (location, people interacting face to face, and live music from DJ Cut Killer, DJ Cam and DJ Pone and drinks), with of course a certain level of virtualization.

This time around, we set out to hold the event at e infamous SILENCIO Club (opened by the renowned film director, David Lynch). The party housed a plethora of gamified actions to take, from claimable POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols) to AR Filters of our membership-token the Gs glasses, projections of Clone X avatars sporting our collaborative wearable NFTs with Natasha Zinko and di(vision) outfits, and a cinematic showing of past collections. This complete phygital experience was a taste of the deeper immersive possibilities of XR and VR.

BNV Partygoers at Silencio Club, Paris | Instagram Video Credit: @jennciaga

The Future of Phygital Experiences by BNV

Over the next few months, BNV will further develop its presence in the realm of phygital experiences, through activities that blur the line between what is “real” and “in the metaverse”. There will be a range of things to do, from:

  • NFT treasure hunts spread out across our lands in the metaverse and real-life locations
  • Dressing high-stake PFPs in designer-garments and giving them life with full-body avatars 
  • Realistic projections using hologram technology 
  • In-store re-imaginings 
  • Being able to explore the possibilities that Augmented and Virtual-Reality headsets will have on the manifestation of “the metaverse” in the physical world.

One thing is for sure, community is everything. Without you, the people behind the Metamask wallets, there is no Metaverse. And all opportunities that allow for us to come together will be vital in strengthening the “brand new vision: of what it means to engage with the power of “La Mode”.

BNV Paris Partygoer Photo - bitcoin tattoo - G2 NFT headset
BNV Partygoer at Silencio Club, Paris - Bitcoin tattoo

We would like to thank our long-standing OGs and new friends for joining us, and can’t wait for our next party, one we hope to further blur the line between the Metaverse and the Real World through immersive live-streams and a democratized open guestlist for all explorers no matter their geographical location.

All those that successfully claimed their POAP, we are thrilled to announce will be airdropped a unique G2 Headset NFT, personalized specifically for the Paris Party event. Apart from being a stylish wearable with interoperable capabilities, the G2 are digital-assets, that act as membership tokens, granting its owners access to the vast BNV Fashion ecosystem, including exclusive drops and perks as well as access to our various metaverse spaces and future FA$H token.

BNV G2 NFT Headset - Family of Gs Membership Token

 To check out some of the photos from the exciting night, follow the steps below!

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