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BNV Partners with The Digital Fashion Group Academy
The Digital Fashion Group Academy and BNV partner up, strengthening the mission to take digital fashion into the exciting realms of the metaverse with education.
By BNV Team
Vogue Singapore to Release “Mystery Boxes” NFT Collection
Fashion magazine Vogue is officially stepping into the world of NFTs by releasing an NFT series named “mystery boxes”. The series will launch on the Binance NFT marketplace and will be featured in the September issue of Vogue magazine Singapore.
Browzwear in action
Browzwear Raises $35 million To Accelerate Product Development And Market Expansion
Browzwear, one of BNV's earliest engagements, continues to expand its vision.
By Richard Hobbs
Virtual human in 3D fashion items
BNV Partners with MOTIF
MOTIF brings its expertise in digital fashion education to BNV's fashion-first hub.
By BNV Team
Dolce & Gabana NFTs coming soon
Dolce & Gabanna Opting to Go Digital, NFTs Coming Soon.
The mega fashion brand, with the blessing of Stefano and Dominico we can assume, is now opting to “bridge the physical and the metaphysical” by launching their own collection of non-fungible tokens.
4 different types of virtual clothing
People Paying Insane Money to Buy Virtual Clothing, Why?
Metaverse world Decentraland announced in June 2021 that users could now create and sell their own fashion pieces for avatars to wear and flaunt on the platform
BNV Is Building On The Sandbox
we partnered with The Sandbox to provide access to brands and your digital wardrobe in the metaverse. This aligns with our aim to be at the epicenter of all things digital fashion in the metaverse and decentralised world.
By BNV Team
Bobby Hundreds
Bobby Hundreds on The Metaverse
Bobby just dropped a monologue, and you should read it.
By Richard Hobbs
Customize Your Avatar With Latest Fashion Apparels on Ready Player Me
The Ready Player Me platform has launched even more customization options with unique virtual sneakers and more with metaverse brand RTFKT.
The digital mindset for the future designer - Join us for this exclusive Digital Fashion Group Academy webinar in collaboration with Parsons N Ventures on Friday August 13 at 9AM NY/2PM London.
Why Everyone That Loves Fashion Will Have A Crypto Wallet Soon
Fashion innovators, brands and artists are creating marketplaces and NFTs for you personalise your virtual experiences, and the winning platforms will be decentralised.
By Mukeh Kanagbo
Are Major Fashion Players Finally Joining the NFT Game?
Being fashionably late. It’s a term that describes the nonchalance and confidence of coming late to a fashion party or show, yet it could also be considered the perfect analogy for the way the high fashion industry embraces technology.
By Agency Eleven Studio