Mishka NFT Airdrop a Resounding Success - Keep Watch For The Next Phase
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Mishka NFT Airdrop a Resounding Success - Keep Watch For The Next Phase

Mishka and Brand New Vision have released a set of finely crafted Keep Watch NFTs to an enthusiastic, empowered NFT community ready to champion the brand's legacy in the metaverse.

BNV Team
Mishka NFTs - Pleasure & Pain Spiked Keep Watch Fitted | Hate The Rich Spiked Keep Watch Fitted
Mishka's NFTs - Hate The Rich, Pleasure & Pain

Brand New Vision, in collaboration with Mishka NYC, are celebrating a successful launch of their Keep Watch NFT Collection, featuring the iconic Keep Watch eyeball and Mishka’s Fitted Caps. The caps symbolise a style that defined an era of streetwear in New York and now, as NFTs, they are powering an online community championing Mishka in the metaverse.

The collaboration with Mishka is ongoing and consists of a number of Phases.

Phase 1 launched in September, and was a free airdrop distributed via lucky draw. We released 101 metaverse-ready NFTs based on two designs: the black Pleasure & Pain Spiked Keep Watch Fitted (90 pieces), and the gold Hate The Rich Spiked Keep Watch Fitted (11 pieces) as NFTs.

Phase 1 Airdrop

We saw many new crypto wallets created in this period as both fans and fashion NFT collectors signed up for the airdrop on the bnv.me platform, and joined our Discord community. We celebrated the winners on Oct. 7, where they eagerly await the NFT transfer to their wallets.

We also created an AR wearable version of the gold Hate The Rich NFT with our partner Shadow Factory. In order to win the gold NFT, people had to use the AR filter on Instagram and tag both us and Mishka on Instagram. Not only did this lead to a huge number of AR fashion try-on experiences, it also enabled many fans to contribute in distributing the brand story in an authentic way to new potential customers.

A digital wardrobe on BNV’s platform also facilitates the unlocking of unique brand perks for NFT owners to discover. From multi-use discount codes for Mishka’s online store, to a mode of authenticating specific NFT ownership for access verification to private showroom channels in our Discord. All 101 owners will get to enjoy more from the brand they love, including being whitelisted for pre-sales to the limited Keep Watch collection drop launching soon.

Phase 2 Keep Watch Collection Launch

Our team is hard at work finalising elements of the phase 2 launch with Mishka.

We want to make sure that each piece of the Keep Watch collection not only authentically embodies the history and heritage of the Keep Watch and Fitted legacy, but also truly empowers the NFT owner community with a utility roadmap that makes the NFT a coveted fashion collectable.

Join us on our Discord to receive the latest updates of phases 2, 3 and more to come.