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A Break from Gravity

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For people that know Beate Karlsson’s designs at AVAVAV, it’s not surprising to hear that the norm breaking brand has expanded into digital fashion. AVAVAV’s internet friendly designs have gone viral, not least its riveting four fingered shoes, worn by mega stars such as Doja Cat, Ezra Miller and Rick Owens.

AVAVAV in collaboration with BNV is launching A Break from Gravity drop, an extension of the brand’s AW2022 “Neo Nude Collection”. This drop aims to break away from the rules that defy physical clothing, and offer silhouettes that stretch far and deep into rule-defying fantasy.

The drop will consist of four outfits and two pairs of shoes, available via the whitelist and public sales. They will appear in the form of a Mystery Box, to be revealed at the end of the sale. Each person can buy a maximum of 6 Mystery Box. The price will be 0.1 ETH for the Whitelist and 0.15 ETH for the Public Sale.


A Break from Gravity

Release Roadmap

AVAVAV will release several NFT collections with BNV. Below is a list of the current schedule of releases to look forward to:


Phase 1 - First NFT Drop

The first NFT drop will launch during Decentraland fashion week, with creative direction extended from their AW2022 “Neo-nude” collection.


Phase 2 - Metaverse Execution

We will be distributing wearables on the metaverse platform and distribute to both the shoes & outfits NFT holders.


Phase 3 - Second NFT Drop

A drop with a higher quantity and exciting styles will be distributed.


Phase 4 - More Metaverse Execution

Distributing wearables on the metaverse platform to the first & second drop NFT holders. Access to BNV metaverse events. 

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