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Embracing Past with Present

Francis de Lara loves embracing the past with the present; what more apt next step in evolution than to dive into the metaverse and the future with NFTs and meta-wearables? 

Francis de Lara is all about innovation, whilst having a strong reference to the Renaissance period and the artful romance of the time. The genesis ‘Eve’ bejewelled glasses are now set to embrace the future with this inaugural BNV NFT drop. 

Extending the brand’s unique aesthetic that mixes the historical references with avant garde designs, the Genesis Eve drop takes inspiration from the Renaissance period and reinterprets it with exquisite design. The drop will consist of 10 pairs of ‘Eve’ glasses, which are a digital version of the brand's iconic one of a kind haute couture jewellery-eyewear piece which sells for £19,800, and will be available via public sales on a first come first serve basis. The price will be 0.25 ETH.

Genesis ‘Eve’ Bejewelled Glasses

Francis de Lara

Reinterpreting the brand’s completely handmade one-of-a-kind haute couture jewellery-eyewear piece, these ‘EVE’ glasses bring fine and luxury craftsmanship into the digital world. Featuring two serpents as the side temples, this piece demonstrates a contemporary reference to Renaissance period and the artful romance of the time. The larger, emerald encrusted serpent’s tail curves around the wearer’s ear, and temptingly dangles a juicy tourmaline apple, whilst the gentler serpent, with cognac diamonds, pink sapphires, and 18k gold cabochons, gazes towards the sky. This eyewear piece will definitely give your avatar a unique and luxury look in the metaverse.

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craftsmanship meets digital

Release Roadmap

Below is a list of the current schedule of the Francis de Lara releases to look forward to:


Phase 1 - Public Sales

10 pieces of the 'EVE' glasses will be available via public sales on a first come first serve approach.


Phase 2 - Metaverse Execution

'EVE' glasses NFT owners will receive the 'EVE' Glasses as metaverse wearables.


Phase 3 - Metaverse Access

'EVE' glasses NFT owners can access to BNV exclusive metaverse activities.

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