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BNV Stylish Partygoers at Silencio Club, Paris
Snap back to (phygital) reality – The importance of IRL for Web3 communities
On Wednesday July 20th, in line with the Metaverse Summit and EthCC Conference taking place in Paris, France, Brand New Vision (BNV) hosted a party — yes, in the physical world.
By Nathan Minsberg
Monica Olteanu - Ready Player Me Avatar
What They SHOULD Be Teaching In Fashion - Monica's Interview After Digital 101 Course
Recent graduate and BNV x The Digital Fashion Group Academy scholarship recipient, Monica Olteanu, shares about the digital fashion school, and inspired thoughts on what traditional fashion education often lacks.
By Monica Olteanu
CryptoPunk #7610
Visa Further Empowers NFT Communities With $150,000 CryptoPunk Buy
NFT communities are among the most interesting ways to dive into the NFT world, and Visa just showed big companies what investing into communities on the blockchain looks like.
By Mukeh Kanagbo
How Fashion Brands Are Adapting to Cryptocurrency
The digital era is upon us and now consumers are moving away from traditional cash and looking at new alternatives including cryptocurrency, fashion retailers in particular have been adapting, and adapting well.
How Much Profit Are The Top Ethereum NFT Whales Earning?
NFT collectible tokens are now worth an estimated $2.5 billion in total trading volume for the first half of 2021. Learn who the "NFT whales" are here.
Mila Kunis Diving Into NFTs Blockchain World Through Short Films
That 70s show film star and fashion icon Mila Kunis is turning her attentions off screens and into the future space by turning her new animated series into a NFT.