Wake Up

to digital fashion


We are building a Brand New business model with a Vision that is set to truly change the fashion industry.


Transforming the design and development process and condensing it from months into days.


With customer, designer, manufacturer and influencer networks to create, validate, sell and produce fashion at hyper speed.


Zero Waste

We only produce what we sell


Massively reducing waste by only making what is really needed.


Completely changing the trust cycle in apparel manufacturing to strip out layers of administration and approval and speeding up the production process.


All with transparency at the forefront.  Creating and building fashion product that can be conceptualised and delivered to the customer in weeks.

Hyper Speed Fashion

85% Faster than your average brand

We are a bunch of fashion industry veterans, sometimes referred to as Triple OG’s, who can see that the front end of the business has changed dramatically in the last decade. While, behind the scenes, the systems and “rules” for the creation, manufacturing and distribution of apparel have not changed in 30+ years.

We work with friends and family to develop new fashion concepts and bring them to you faster than ever before. Hours instead of months in development. Days instead of months in the traditional sales cycle and weeks instead of months to get the latest product manufactured and delivered to you.

Do you know that a ‘normal’ cycle from first planning of a collection until you can buy it is more than a year? Did you know that it takes almost half that time to conceptualise, research, design, source and sample one style. Involving huge costs in wasted materials and samples being shipped around the world to people employed to act as post boxes and rubber stampers? We take the latest fashion tech tools and condense that period into days.

We partner with brands, designers, celebrities, influencers, marketeers and manufacturers to create relevant fashion at speed and with absolutely minimal wastage. No wasted fabric, we only make what we sell. No excessive carbon footprints. No wasted time and effort.