We would like to invite you to join Brand New Vision and CLUB KOWLOON on a new adventure in digital art and fashion.

BNV is an end-to-end digital fashion business that is set to change the way apparel is designed, sold, produced and delivered using 3D creative tools, animation and integrated tools and services to produce limited product made to order and delivered direct to the customer.

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CLUB KOWLOON are a music and art collective from the dark side bringing their exclusive mix of entertainment and stimulation to a Hong Kong and a global audience.

They are inviting a select group of artists to work with us on Volume 1 of the Artist Series.

The Product

For Volume 1 we will be launching with a tee shirt collection and working with a select group of artists and designers, each with a musical connection, and offer an exclusive and limited release of products through A premium tee shirt offered across various colours and sizes that, and this is crucial, will be produced to order. We will only make and deliver exactly what has been sold when we open the store for a short period.

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Each tee will have the artists work (front or back) which will be digitally printed direct to garment using the best print technology we have found. There will be an external label highlighting the exclusivity and a packaging concept that will definitely stand out along with a QR code that will direct the purchaser to a site that gives the bio of the contributor, the history and reason behind the artwork and details of exactly how many pieces were produced.


The Difference

Brand New Vision is a digital fashion company that wants to change the way apparel is designed, developed, sold, produced and delivered. Our Vision is to dramatically reduce the waste and costs embedded in the fashion business by using technology to change the legacy processes of the industry.

To that end we work with virtual 3D garments. We create and build our products using the latest 3D apparel design tools and enhance them even further using animation and VFX packages. This allows us to create multiple options, colourways, graphic and label applications and share them with our collaborators without making any samples.

Once we are all happy with the concepts we can literally go straight to production. But there will be a couple more steps. The BNV team have decades of experience in developing and producing premium street, sports and jeans wear and will absolutely guarantee the quality of the product and it’s superior execution. We will, of course, ensure that all collaborators are also confident and happy with the finished product.



Each artists product in the first series will be launched on a weekly basis. We agree a schedule and then together use social media, marketing networks and targeted media to create pre-hype before opening the on-line store for a limited sales period or restricted quantity. Whatever is sold in that period, expected to be approx 3 days, is exactly what will be produced and then shipped from HK direct to the customer with a target of customers anywhere in the world receiving within 10 days.

The tees will be exquisitely packaged and presented so that the customers will have their expectations passed when they receive the parcel.

We will be charging a premium price but will offer incentive codes that will serve two purposes. One is to give the customer a discount as an initial customer for the collaboration and the other is to identify the sales channel, including the collaborator, to allocate their sales commission.

Each collaborator will also receive a royalty payment as a percentage of the retail sales so creating multiple revenue earning channels.



By building virtual product in 3D there are many ways in which we can showcase the designs through different marketing channels. In the pre-hype stage we will provide collaborators with various visual options to help promote the product through their own networks.

One area that we cover, which very few people are able to offer, is animation. From simple rotating images to full on walking, through rotating cameras, and enhanced animation. From testing we know that this captures the imagination of the consumer and will definitely appeal to media and other potential sales and marketing channels.


Should I get involved?

We would love to have you as part of this first edition and be a part of a new approach to the fashion world. This is just the first step and we will aim to produce limited quantities of each item. This new approach to designing, selling and producing fashion product will be sure to gain public interest as well as media coverage. For us, we need to make sure we can deliver over and above yours and our customers expectations with a premium product, well designed and executed through a seamless digital process.

Our first collaborators will be at the forefront of this project and although the financial rewards will not be enough to retire to the beach it will open up further opportunities for the 2nd and ongoing editions of CLUB KOWLOON x BNV as well as part of the wider product remit as BNV moves forward.

Contact either from BRAND NEW VISION or from CLUB KOWLOON to get involved.