Jack Irving Quixotic Collection

The Quixotic Collection

The Deep Metaverse - 3 unique NFTs

From The Deep Metaverse

Inspired by deep sea life, The Deep Metaverse drop brings with an ethereal aesthetic obsessed with the nearest thing to alien life we have on earth - deep sea creatures.

By designing for the metaverse, it becomes possible to style digital forms that mimic the ethereal movements of the creatures that emerge from the deep sea - their movements as if caught in a current, their behaviour, and even embedded bioluminescence cells. Cells that may at some point light up in the right conditions and temperatures, bringing awe and momentary detachment from reality - ensnaring us in a beauty that seems to come from another planet.

These 3 dresses are a perfect demonstration of Jack Irving's unique futuristic aesthetic now available as collectable pieces.

The Deep Metaverse Drop

Drop Release Schedule

Jack Irving will be releasing several pieces in a continuous relationship with Brand New Vision. Below lists the current public release schedule and events to look forward to.


December 2021 - Early January 2022

Whitelist Draw & Sale for Jack Irving's first drop in the Quixotic collection. High profile showcase in music video "Like You" released on Apple Music, Spotify, by Club Media's music label Avastar.


February 2022

Phase 2 drop launch during London Fashion Week period, with 3 unique styles.

1. Who Is Jack Irving?

2. How Much Is The Whitelist Sale Mint?


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