The Nomad(e) Drop

Graphene-X First NFT Drop 

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All-round Performance Wearable

Graphene-X engineer some of the most advanced fabrics & gear in the world. The brand create all-round performance apparel from the strongest material on earth to empower us to live a boundless life. 

Graphene-X in collaboration with BNV is launching the Nomad(e) Drop, along with their fifth kickstarter campaign. The drop will consist of a digital-wearable version of the original physical product. The Nomad(e) jacket is a high tech performance hybrid that combines the elements of an emergency jacket, an E.D.C. (everyday carry) gear and a windbreaker, with its proprietary Graphene caged membrane, it can save lives during extreme weather conditions.

The drop will consist of the Nomad(e) Jacket in two colors, distributed randomly, available via a public sale. Each person can buy a maximum of 5 pieces. The price will be 0.3  ETH.

BNV Fashion NFTs will be wearable in the metaverse as Web 3.0 powered experiences for lovers of fashion, collectors and gamers to enjoy. NFT owners of this drop will also:

  • Get a lifetime 24% off discount on The discount code will be embedded in the NFTs as an unlockable content.
  • Receive a physical unit of the Graphene-X Nomad(e) Jacket
  • Receive the Nomad(e) Jacket as a Decentraland wearable.
  • Enjoy access to BNV’s community spaces and metaverse events with the chance to  earn crypto currency and free NFT airdrops. 

The Nomad(e) Jacket


The Nomad(e) jacket is a high tech performance hybrid that combines the elements of an emergency jacket, an E.D.C. (everyday carry) element and a windbreaker. A Graphene empowered “caged” membrane brings increased levels of warmth and durability at no expense of weight and portability, and it is fully waterproof and breathable. The metaverse wearables of the Nomad(e) Jacket extends its real world high-performance to a whole different dimension on this new world.

Quantity Available:


Release Roadmap

Below is a list of the current schedule of the Graphene-X releases to look forward to:


Phase 1 - Exclusive Pre-Sales

The Nomad(e) jacket will be available via exclusive whitelist sales to Graphene-X VIPs in advance.


Phase 2 - Public Sales

The Nomad(e) jacket will be available via public sales in a first-come-first-serve approach.


Phase 3 - Metaverse Wearables

Nomad(e) jacket NFT owners will receive the Nomad(e) Jacket as a Decentraland wearable.


Phase 4 - IRL piece

NFT owners will receive a real physical Nomad(e) jacket from Graphene-X in October 2022.


Phase 5 - Metaverse Access

Nomad(e) jacket NFT owners can access to BNV exclusive metaverse activities.

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