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Perks and Experiences

  • 15 mins LIGHTSUM Zoom meeting

    Requirement: Hold 5 SR Wearables

    1st 3 Collectors
  • Signed LIGHTSUM album (after new album release)

    Requirement: Hold 5 R Wearables

    1st 15 Collectors
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The necklace is the central object of the film, it appears in the 3rd act but is present since the beginning without being visible on the screen. Unique nuclear code is engraved on each link on the necklace.

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BNV proudly presents the M3TALOVE collection—a collaboration between Weinsanto and K-Pop girl band LIGHTSUM. BNV’s master digital tailors worked closely with the French designer on their most ground-breaking collaboration to date: eight distinctive virtual outfits crafted for avatars of the LIGHTSUM band members unveiled at an exclusive industry event following Weinsanto’s official Paris Fashion Week show on September 26th at the City of Lights’ hottest cultural space 3537.

큐브 엔터테인먼트 소속의 K-Pop 그룹 LIGHTSUM과 프랑스의 디자이너 빅터 웨인산토(Victor Weinsanto)의 독특한 콜라보레이션 M3TALOVE를 BNV가 자랑스럽게 선보입니다. BNV의 주요 3D 아티스트들과 긴밀히 협력하여, 웨인산토는 각 멤버의 고유한 아바타 의상과 액세서리로 구성된 첫 번째 디지털 컬렉션을 9월 26일 파리 패션위크 기간 동안 City of Lights의 가장 핫한 문화 공간 3537에서 공개할 예정입니다.

BNV est fière de présenter M3TALOVE, une collaboration unique entre le groupe de musique K-Pop LIGHTSUM de Cube Entertainment et le créateur français Victor Weinsanto. Travaillant en étroite collaboration avec les principaux artistes 3D de BNV, WEINSANTO a créé sa toute première collection numérique composée de vêtements et d'accessoires qui ont été habillés sur des avatars uniques pour chaque membre du groupe, créés par BNV. La collection sera dévoilée pendant la Fashion Week de Paris, le 26 septembre, dans l'espace culturel le plus hype de la « Ville Lumière », le 3537.

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