The Blunt Dress Free NFT Drop

Register to win one of just 10 NFTs of the now notorious Blunt Dress, as worn by Rihanna, from the Autumn 2021 issue of Dazed.

Registration closes in:

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Oct 18th
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Nov 1st
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Nov 2nd
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Own the blunt dress NFT.

Jawara Alleyne

Created by Jawara Alleyne, the London based designer and part of the current cohort of Fashion East.

The original piece was a one off item designed and constructed by Jawara specifically for the Autumn issue of Dazed magazine. The dress was worn by Rihanna, giving her one of her most iconic looks ever.

Photo Credit: Aava Anttinen

10 Lucky Winners

Along with Dazed and Jawara Alleyne, BNV has now recreated a digital version which can be yours to own as an NFT. Just 10 pcs will be available free of charge as an airdrop to the lucky winners.

All you need to do is register now with your email address and as soon as the draw is made we will follow up with the winners to explain how to open a wallet and receive your exclusive NFT.

Get a Crypto Wallet on BNV

If you don’t have a wallet don’t panic, it’s very straightforward, completely free and we explain below the exact process.

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We support two types of wallets. Here are their main differences:
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Metamask Metamask requires a chrome web extension for desktop, or mobile app if you’re on your smartphone.

You will also be given a private string of words that act as your master key and grant you access to the assets in your wallet. Be sure to safely store it!


Winners will be announced on our Discord channel

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Emails will be sent to winners

If you already have a BNV account, we will ask you to confirm that the wallet address we have on record is yours.

If you don’t have a BNV account, you will need to let us know what your wallet address is.


We will mint* the NFT to your wallet

All for free!

Mint* We will produce one-of-a-kind, individually authenticated digital assets of the dress for each winner, and cover the network fees for free.

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