Design, Develop, Deliver, Digitally

We have been a bit quiet recently, for which there are plenty of reasons, but mainly because we have been busy working hard on our trial runs that validate the Brand New Vision business model.

Recently we proved that a garment created virtually can then be produced from the data created (pattern, construction, BOM, details, etc) by a factory with ZERO amendments or tweaks and deliver a perfect product within a couple of days. To be frank, those of us in the room ready to open the parcel were quietly cautious and expecting a so-so sample. We were buzzed! Practically perfect.

So I will say thank you to Amy, Johnie, Ben, Alyasha, Stanley and Kathleen as we move on to the next stage.

Talk to me to see the actual version of this virtual garment

Talk to me to see the actual version of this virtual garment

Looking for Manufacturers <DON'T SWIPE RIGHT>

Here at Brand New Vision we have exactly that. A vision of a completely new concept for designing and developing, selling and marketing, producing and delivering fashion concepts faster and more efficient than ever before. Forget fast fashion and the inherent wastage and damage caused. Forget about the “we’ve always done it that way” naysayers and those who can’t see the possibilities that technology offers to our staid and slow industry. Instead embrace the new and see the future of a more sustainable, fairer and relevant business model.


We have our manufacturing partners in place BUT we are looking for more. Not many, just the right ones. Those that get that the future of our industry is about speed, flexibility and responsibility and with that comes smaller orders than “normal”. But, using technology to speed the work and data flow, removing duplication of work and putting the responsibility for quality and execution in the hands of the people with most knowledge. The people on the factory floor.

To be frank, the tools to create and sell and deliver are all out there but without good production partners that means nothing, therefore we would like to get to know you. We can be in business but only after we have drunk a lot of tea (or coffee), had a few lunches and probably got drunk together. That’s the proper type of business relationship so please, don’t direct us to any of those Tinder sourcing sites, we are looking for more than a casual fling.

If you are one of those people, or a company, that wants to know more please take a couple of minutes to fill in this form so we can get the basics out of the way.

Thank you

We also know a fair bit about denim


Back in April Richard spoke to an audience of 120 in Dusseldorf on a "Brief History of Denim".  Condensed into a 35 minute presentation focusing on the cycle from Cotton to Spinning to Indigo to Weaving and finishing of fabric with a little bit of help from friends at Candiani and G-Star.


A well received early morning session before heading back to HK.

If you need a public speaker try other, more professional, people first otherwise give us a call!